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2014 CVA Calendar

Programmes, events and meetings

In 2014, the programmes, events and meetings of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA) are being organised under the auspices of the 2014 CVA Presidency, held this year by the City of Salon-de-Provence and the Ecole de l’air, its partner in the association. This calendar includes, on the one hand, the events organised in the framework of the Presidency by the City of Salon-de-Provence, the Ecole de l’air and in some cases other partners in the region and, on the other, the educational programmes organised every year by the CVA and its Members and Partners.

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Ariane 5 Flight VA219 lifts off - a credit to all the teams involved

An Ariane 5 ES has launched the European Space Agency's 5th ATV space freighter,  Georges Lemaître. Lift-off took place on the night of 29-30 July 2014 (at 20:47 hours local time, 01:47 hours Central European Summer Time) from the CSG, Europe's Spaceport in Kourou. The ATV-5 is heading for the International Space Station (ISS), with which it is due to dock on 12 August. Assigned a six-month mission, the European supply craft will, in addition to the standard Automated Transfer Vehicle mission, deliver hardware for experiments in space designed to improve industrial processes.

Copyright 2014 ESA-CNES/Arianespace/Photo optique vidéo CSG

This launch is an outright success for the teams supplied by ESA, CNES, Arianespace, Airbus Defence & Space and the many firms at the space centre involved in Europe's space transportation endeavours.

It is the Ariane City of Salon-de-Provence which sponsored the launcher. It did so as holder of the 2014 Presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA), which it is sharing with its partner l'Ecole de l'air, the air-force training facility located there at Air Base 701.

By clicking on the links below, you will find a lot more information on the launch and on the five ATV missions, this being the programme's last. As many of those working at Kourou have stressed, the ATV technology has enabled Europe to advance considerably. And Europe will be continuing this effort by developing the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV), the crew module for NASA's Orion spacecraft, under agreed ESA/NASA cooperation, for human deep-space exploration missions of the future.

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CVA team at the 2014 Ariane Cross, Paris (17-18 May)

The runners in the 36th Ariane Cross gathered in Paris’s Bois de Vincennes on 17 and 18 May for five races, supplemented by some sightseeing and a celebratory evening out at Les Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design, the fashion and design centre in the capital’s 13th arrondissement. The event was organised this year by the Directorates of Launchers of the European  Space Agency (ESA) and the French space agency CNES. It traditionally draws together firms from the 13 European countries working on Europe’s Ariane Programme. Some 550 runners and 27 teams took part this year.

And the Community of Ariane Cities just had to be there too! The CVA was represented in two races –  the 10,000 metres and the 2,500 metres – by a team of CVA programme alumni. And General Secretary Jean-Luc Bozet was there to blow the starting whistle for the 5,000 metres.

Well done to our brave participants in the 10,000 metres: Stéphane Brasset, Ecole d’officiers de l’Armée de l’air (EOAA); Johan Celhay, Thales Services, Toulouse; Benjamin Kawak, SSTL, United Kingdom; and Edoardo Paladini, Ecole Polytechnique, France. And also CVA trainee Christel Demoulin, Haute Ecole de la Ville de Liège,  who ran the 2,500 metres. We especially congratulate our team captain EOAA Commander Stéphane Brasset who came in 9th in the 10,000 metres.

Thanks also to the organisers of this highly successful event, especially David Delorme of CNES and Thierry Cossart of ESA.


The CVA and Space Propulsion 2014

The world of space transportation, including many of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA) industrial and institutional members, will gather on 19/22 May at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne, Germany, for the 4th edition of "Space Propulsion 2014".

This international conference is now recognised as being the technical and scientific forum covering all the present and future aspects of space propulsion.

The programme is drawn up in such a way as to highlight all the field’s programmatic and technical issues and encourage exchanges of views on propulsion aspects linked to the coming main space programmes worldwide.

This 4th edition is being organised with the support of ESA, CNES, the DLR and the 3AF Association (aeronautical and astronautical association of France). The CVA General Delegate, Jean-Luc Bozet, University of Liège, will chair session 83: "Fluid mechanisms for space / Mécanismes pour les écoulements fluides dans les applications spatiales".

The event will also be an opportunity to promote the CVA.

Conference website: www.propulsion2014.com
To register online, go to: www.propulsion2014.com/register.html


REVA Seminar, Seville (9-11 July 2014) – Deadline for registering: 29 May

You are a teacher or headteacher in a City or Agglomeration Community that is a member of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA) and you are interested in space. You may like to know that the City of Seville in Andalusia (Spain) and its industrial partner, Airbus Defence & Space, will be hosting the REVA(*) Seminar this summer (9-11 July). This Seminar is targeted mainly at secondary-school teaching staff, as is the Meeting of Headteachers and Education Administrators, on 10-11 July. Participants will be welcomed at Seville City Hall, and then at the Alcázar, on the evening of 8 July.

The 2014 programme, drawn up in coordination with the city council of Seville, will have as its theme propulsion. It will include a number of talks, a round table, a workshop, and meetings in which participants can exchange views, as well as tours of Seville and of the A400M assembly plant.

Now is the time to register. Make sure not to miss the 29 May deadline!

The Seminar and Meetings are organised by the CVA with the support of ISSAT(**) and several space-sector players – including the European Space Agency (ESA) Education Office and the French Space Agency CNES and, this year, Airbus Defence & Space, the University of Seville and the Hélice Cluster. Some thirty participants are expected. The talks and workshops are presented in English, French or (exceptionally this year) Spanish, with simultaneous interpreting into the other two languages.

Please go to REVA Portal (www.issat.com/projets/46.htm - www.education-cva.eu) where you will find all the information you need to register - announcement, programme, registration form, hotel details - under REVA Seminar for teachers (9-11 July) and Meetings of headteachers (10-11 July).

Programme manager: Philippe Noël, CVA/ISSAT.
Contact: Ghislaine Fayad, ISSAT (contact@issat.com) and Claire Kaufeler, CVA (cva@ariane-cities.com).

(*) Educational Network of Ariane Cities
(**) Institut au Service du Spatial, de ses Applications et Technologies / .

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