• Mar 09, 2013

CVA Professional Visit to French Guiana 2017

The Alumni from the CVA Summer School in Bremen 2016 and in München 2017 visited French Guiana in November 2017. This trip, part of the CVA educational programmes, covers all the activities at, and around, the Guiana Space Centre "Europe's spaceport". The students got a full overview of the space centre, visited the installations and learned about the the functioning of the base.

Learning about the history, culture, fauna & flora of French Guiana is also important in view of an eventual career at Europe's spaceport and this year the students went to the Kaw nature reserve, the Zoo in Macouria and the capital city Cayenne.

A big thank you to all our colleagues, and friends in French Guiana, for making this memorable trip possible.



Here the students' report, check it out