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City Launch Partnership

Ariane 5 City-Launcher Partnership


PartnershipThe Ariane 5 City-Launcher Partnership Programme offers the possibility for CVA member cities to adopt an Ariane 5 launcher and name it to the name of the city. The name of the city will then be displayed on the Ariane 5 fairing.

The partnering city is encouraged to organize an appropriate local festivity on the occasion of the launch. At the time of the launch the partnering city should be represented in the European space port Kourou in French Guyana and offer - by any means - some insight into its origin and culture to the Guyanese population.

A short trailer on the partnering city can be included into the official live television transmission of the launch. The live coverage of the launch, which is offered by Arianespace, is broadcasted by many TV stations all over the world.

Conditions for participation

Prerequisites for participation include :

  • A responsibility for the communication campaign that consists of media and general public events in the city concerned, as well as the dissemination of the promotional material.
  • Adherence to the Ariane logo type guidelines (as approved by Arianespace, ESA and CNES)
  • More details upon request.


A CVA member City and Kourou in French Guyana

Host and sponsor


Cities involved in an Ariane launch partnership

  • 2002 - Charleroi
  • 2003 - Bordeaux and Colleferro
  • 2004 - Bremen
  • 2006 - Barcelona
  • 2007 - Toulouse
  • 2009 - Lampoldshausen
  • 2012 - Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
  • 2013 - Mulhouse Alsace Agglomeration (m2A)