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REVA, Educational Network of Ariane Cities

This programme, hosted by an Ariane City, aims to encourage the exchange of ideas and sharing of experience among secondary-school, university and professional-training staff and to foster the emergence and spread of new teaching practices, in order to stimulate students’ interest in science and, particularly, space activities.
Organised with the Institut au Service du Spatial, de ses Applications et Technologies (ISSAT), this course includes the REVA Seminar (3 days) and the Meeting of Headteachers and Educational Administrators (2 days).


The dates of the next REVA seminar are under discussion.


REVA seminar

 126 participants,  2008-2017
Cities Years
Toulouse 2008
Hardthausen / Lampoldshausen 2009
Bremen 2010
Liège 2011
Bremen 2012
Terrassa 2013
Sevilla 2014
Kourou 2015
Hardthausen-Lampoldshausen 2016
Toulouse 2017